Abbreviated system – no limits to your favourite numbers

Would you like to become a millionaire? Do you have many favourite numbers and don’t want to be limited, but without spending much money? In that case, the abbreviated system is the right game alternative for you.

A Swiss Lotto pick always comprises 6 numbers and 1 lucky number. Abbreviated systems are “reductions” in full-combination systems. Let us assume that you have 9 favourite numbers and 1 preferred lucky number. You can use these numbers to form 84 different Swiss Lotto picks, which would cost CHF 210.00. The abbreviated system reduces this total in a defined way to just 12 Swiss Lotto picks for a price of CHF 30.00. The advantage: you can play lots of numbers for just a little money, and have a chance (but not a guarantee) to win the jackpot if you have picked all the winning numbers.

Step-by-step explanation

  1. First choose the system you want to play.

    You can choose from among 8 abbreviated systems differentiated by the quantity of selected numbers and the picks played.
  2. Move to the next step by clicking on “Select numbers”.

  1. Now select the corresponding quantity of numbers and lucky numbers in the entry field.
  2. Click on “Next” when you have finished selecting your numbers.

Click on “Random numbers” and you will receive randomly chosen numbers for your system.

  1. Choose whether you want to play Swiss Lotto with or without Joker. You can play up to 3 Joker numbers. Every Joker number costs CHF 2.00.

    You will find more information on Joker under the corresponding menu item.
  2. Choose the number of successive draws in which you want to participate with your system, or conclude a jackpot subscription.

    With a jackpot subscription, your system is played whenever the jackpot reaches the amount you have selected and you have enough money in your game account.

    You will find more information on jackpot subscriptions under the corresponding menu item.

  1. Then click on “Next” one more time. The next page shows all your details again so that you can check that they are correct. Your system will not be definitively entered until you click on “Play now”.

Please find here the winning tables of the abbreviated systems (PDF in German)

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