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The Lotto jackpot makes four friends rich. Very rich!

In May, the Swiss Lotto jackpot of CHF 45 million was claimed. This was the second-largest payout in the history of the Swiss lottery. When the millions were claimed, it turned out that there wasn’t just one lucky winner, but four – a group of friends who had formed a syndicate.

Swiss Lotto just made its 750th millionaire!

The results were announced on 26 January 2019. For the 750th time, a lucky individual became a millionaire thanks to Swiss Lotto. More information on this special anniversary win and other interesting facts on Swiss Lotto millionaires can be found here.

Hooray! 22 new Lotto millionaires in 2018

Nothing has changed. No one makes more millionaires than Swiss Lotto. Last year again, another 22 lucky players pocketed prizes into the millions. If you want to find out more about last year’s Lotto millionaires, simply click on the button.